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    Hi, Coralie Datta writing, I am rencent graduate from Hereford College of Arts. I have now returned to London where I am finding my path in photography. This photograph was taken in Iceland whilst I was on a visit it January. Please check out my tumblr http://coraliedatta.tumblr.com/ I also have a website which is www.coraliedatta.com


  4. IT’s MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!! YEY!!!!!!

  5. I only went to Iceland for 3 nights but loved every minute of it. This little cafe was one of the main reasons I loved it so much. The wonky pictures on the wall, low lights and beautiful Icelandic jumpers and they sure know how to make a great hot chocolate if there hadn’t been some other rather incredible things to do in Iceland then I would of spent my whole time in there.

  6. I saw the Northern LIghts! I really did! It was magical especially after lying on a rock looking up at a clear sky full of stars.

  7. 17th of December 2013 ... Dressing our Christmas tree
    18th December 2013... Yearly vist to the Geoffrey
    21st December 2013
    23rd December 2013... Early start
    25th December 2013... Merry Christmas
    26th of December 2013...Boxing day
    27th of December 2013... craving for candy floss
    28th of December 2013... Brazilian dancing
    30th of December 2013
    31st of December 2013

    So I didn’t mange to take a photo every day of 2013 but I feel that I did pretty well and it is great to have a document of the whole year to look back on especially as it was a year of change for me and my sister. 

  8. 14th of December 2013… Women sing east 

  9. 6th of December 2013… Dreamcatcher pissing 

  10. 4th of December 2013… Lol Choir 


  11. Seeing someone you love so happy when looking at photographs you have created is a very special feeling. Feelings like that urges me to carry on…

  13. 2nd of December 2013

  14. 1st of December 2013… Staff food 

  15. 30th of November 2013… Take away with old friends